Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- Do It Tapper Style

How to balance it all- Tapper Style.

Well, I don't balance it all.
Yesterday I truly and honestly went after my children with a dish towel screeching, "Out of my kitchen. Scat!"
It was the most Italian moment of my life.
I can't balance the grocery shopping with the laundry with piano lessons and princess camp.

*ahem* Yes there is such thing as princess camp. And yes the Dancer is attending. Aren't you glad I give you so many reasons to mock me?

Anyhoo- I just try to pick it all up at once until I collapse and go into hibernation mode. (Pretend mommy isn't here and I can't hear you. Better yet, pretend you can't talk at all. Then wake me up on Thursday.)
But I do aspire to balance. I start with small things.
One laundry basket in each hand, for instance.
And then I try it out on my home decor. Because we have strong industrial leanings over here I'm always looking for a way to make steel and machinery feel a little homier.
My favorite way to balance industrial pieces is with natural pieces like plants, rocks, fur or wood.

So for the first time ever I present our newly designed living room. This is my attempt at design balance. I will work on inner balance soon. That one's a lot harder.


  1. It's gorgeous, Tapper!

  2. Yay! I've been waiting anxiously for this reveal! I was "this close" to coming over to see it today because I couldn't stand to be patient much longer. And....I LOVE IT! So great!

  3. Tapper, you are delightful. If there was a princess camp near me, all my girls would hog-tie me and take me hostage until I signed them up. I love that you used the word scat. And, you living room looks like a photo shoot from a fabulous magazine. I am jealous, but I like you anyway.