Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Thank You Notes

I am really grateful that today was horse back riding night for the Cowgirl.
I wasn't happy about it for most of the day.
We spent three hours before Princess Camp cleaning the house. (I cleaned- they complained).
Then we had friends over and I was so tired.
Then I made dinner. Still tired.
Then the girls got in a fight when the Dancer kept throwing safety glasses at her sister.
I don't know.
So I told the Dancer she couldn't come to the barn.
She went off on a bike with the Artist and I headed out (still tired) with the Cowgirl.

Then we got to the barn and the air was fresh and crisp after the day's rain.
I didn't have to keep one hand on the toddler, reminding her that we go around the horses, not under them.
I didn't have to tell her not to rub a cat's belly.
All I had to do was the task at hand.
What a glorious feeling for a perpetual multi-tasker.

I bridled the horse, letting him lean his hot muzzle into my arm and felt his warm breath against the back of my hand.
I sat out on the wind-washed, rain-washed hill and watched the horses hooves beat into the soft dirt.
I watched the Cowgirl's golden ponytail hop against her shoulders.
I slid out of my shoes and felt the cool, rotting wood of the bleachers under my feet.

And I felt right again.
The Artist shakes his head and says, "What is it with girls and their horses?"
I don't know.
But I know.
It just is.

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  1. You ride horses? I never knew! Lucky thing. My girls would be in seventh heaven.