Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flamingos, Coyotes and Books. Oh, my....

In the last three days:
I walked downstairs to find this:
(the kicker is that big sis tied the string too tight and we had trouble getting it off her face)

I packed a picnic to enjoy some calm family time at the park and instead got this:

Pulled out of my driveway yesterday to find this guy waiting at the end of my street:
(It's a wild coyote, people! But that is probably redundant. I don't think there are tame coyotes)

And to add to all this madness, today is my book's birthday. Today, boxes in little bookstores, in little towns, will open and someone will reach down, pull out my little book and set it on a little shelf.

Isn't it amazing how so many little things put together can feel so big?

But just to clarify- My daughter turned into a flamingo and it was a coyote, people!

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  1. When we lived in the apartments there we got a newsletter warning us about the coyote that was making that field his home. It totally freaked me out too!
    When I read the part in your book about Jennifer having strength and the gym teaching pulling down the rope for her to climb to show up the boys I thought to myself, "Now that, I would not be surprised, she got from her daughters" :)