Thursday, May 23, 2013

What makes it so special...

Last night was a night that I didn't think I would experience in my lifetime.
We launched On Little Wings at one of the most respected book stores in America.
But that isn't what made it so special.

We packed it to capacity. 
but that isn't what made it so special.

We catered amazing food for almost 100 people.
But that isn't what made it so special.
(But definitely delicious. Thank you to my caterer!)

I had the best florist in Kansas City doing my flowers.
But that isn't what made it so special.
(but it is what made it so beautiful. Thanks to An Eclectic Stem!)

I got to sign a lot of books for family, friends and strangers who are now friends.
But that isn't what made it so special.

When the bookstore owner came over and told me that he'd rarely seen a debut launch with such a huge, energetic attendance, that was amazing, but still not what made it so special.

Then he said that the entire store was filled with an overwhelming spirit of love and kindness....
And he hit the nail on the head.
Last night an entire shop was filled to the brim with good, caring, generous people who had nothing but encouraging words to say.
So what exactly made it so special?

Each one of you.
Truly, thank you.


  1. Here come the waterworks again. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL and the reason everyone was there is because they a) love you, and b) appreciate your talent. Keep up the great work, sis. So proud of you I could wait, already doing that. :)

  2. We do love and appreciate your beautiful contribution to this world as such an incredible woman! Love, mom

  3. you forgot those of us there in spirit, even if the body wasn't present. sad I missed being there but so very happy for you my talented friend!

  4. Can't wait to read it when it comes out! At least I can say, "I knew her when. . . " lol! What an amazingly talented woman you have grown up to be. But that doesn't surprise me, really, knowing your parents. . . ;)