Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is that camera on?

Yesterday I let the girls miss a couple of hours of school, but it was for a fun reason.
I had my first live television interview and since the Cowgirl is obsessed with the idea of being famous on TV, I thought she should see what television is really like:
People running around, tripping over cords, panicking when the internet goes out, fretting over microphone wires and talking to a mostly empty room.
I was hoping to cure her by showing her the wizard behind the curtain.
My segment got moved at the last minute so I was sitting in the wings when people started waving at me to run and I was hurdling over extension cords in my heels and hoping that I didn't sit up there and pass out and drool all over the host's shoes. I barely made it to my seat in time.
And I was terrified to look at the camera, (which so adds ten pounds! That's my story and I'm sticking to it...) because they told me not to and it is really hard not to when it is in your face!
Throughout the entire interview the Dancer was doing this:
because she thought I could see her.
And then it was all over (They could have asked me my opinion on American Alligators being shipped to Uzbekistan to fight insurgents and I think I would have come up with some sort of answer. My brain was in a do or die mode.)
And the girls got to chum up with the beautiful girl on TV and eat the strawberries that the man from the farmer's market brought for his spot and have their pictures taken and I was thinking maybe my "TV-isn't-so-great-plan" had backfired.
I explained to the Cowgirl that television is a lot of work and worry and being famous is silly and unimportant and we got up to the leave the studio.
And then the weather man came in.
And did his thing in front of the green screen.
And I was thinking, "Oh my goodness, I know you. Can I have your autograph?"


  1. Aack, we didn't know about this! You have to tell us in advance so we can see these things! Is it on youtube? I'll look.

    luvs, aby

    PS - congrats!

  2. Scary! And awesome! Good for you giving your girls an education :)