Friday, May 3, 2013

It just doesn't happen

There are those things in life that are not supposed to happen.

Pigs don't fly.
Hell doesn't freeze over.
You won't win the lottery.
You won't get a package in the mail one day from one of the biggest publishers in the world with your name on the front.
It won't snow in May when the day before was 80 degrees.

Oh, wait.

I forgot that life doesn't follow its own rules.

Yesterday on the way home from school we rolled down our windows to catch the monstrous white flakes falling wet and heavy from the white sky. We pulled over and jumped  outside into the wind and put our hands out and faces up and stuck out our tongues and did the snow dance.
In May.
When Wednesday was 80 degrees and it felt too hot to mow the grass.

And then, just to prove that the universe will never run out surprises to throw at us, a package was dropped on my snowy porch on this fine May morning.

Sometimes it snows in May. And only when it breaks all the rules and wasn't supposed to happen, do the snowflakes taste like miracles.

1 comment:

  1. CONGRATS! I'm so happy the book stork left you a cute little book baby on your porch.