Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes it just takes a tweak

My friends,
I am a simple person. As a simple person I am easily overwhelmed. When I see someone who raises their own worms, composts their own dirt, grows their own garden, cans their own tomatoes and brews their own pasta sauce from scratch I get nauseous. I mean jealous. 
I mean overwhelmed. 
It feels like a recipe for failure to me. Just too much. So a long time ago I made a deal with myself. 
Baby steps.
Small trades.
A tweak.
If I can't do everything I can do a little something. I add olive oil and fresh garlic to my pasta sauce. I can totally do that.
So today, a quick tweak that might help you out.

I realized that my kitchen is like a snare set for children.
They look up and see this:
High above them, precarious stacks of glass sitting above big sharp knives. 
Yeah, way to go, Tapper.  
And I hate opening a cabinet and having to shuffle around the Pocahontas sippy cup to get to a grown up bowl. 
So my quick tweak? I gave them a drawer.

Down low where they can reach it and revel in plates with princesses on them and cups with dragons and soft spouts. They never reach up high and risk life and limb.
I never have to fight plastic tumblers falling on my head when I only wanted a glass.

When I say I'm simple, I mean it. I like little tweaks that give me big breaks. 
And since you're here I might as well show you the Cowgirl's newest tweak.
She wanted bangs.
I held her off as long as I could. I was seriously scared. Bangs are a commitment, people.
When she sat in the chair and the stylist held up the scissors I grabbed my face and in one syllable exclaimed "areyousureyouwanttodothis?!!!"
She was.
And she did.
Little tweak.
Beautiful outcome.

Try and tweak something today.


  1. OOOhhh... A great idea! I do the same thing with snacks, and someday when I have an extra drawer, I'll put my kiddo's dishes in there too!

  2. Yes, a great idea. Way to go! I moved all our plastic dishes and all the other cups & dishes down low for another reason--so the kids could empty all the dishes from the dishwasher. I like to think that chores help teach my kids responsibility, but mostly, it's nice getting some help in the kitchen.

  3. I've gotta say, i would probably go for the dragon cup myself. Unless you have a fancy goblet or something.

  4. I put my kids cups in a low cupboard so they can reach them and I don't have to get them every drink they need all day long. Great tweak and LOVE the bangs, different, cute :)

  5. I should totally do this....the sippy cup thing.
    And little Cowgirl never looked more beautiful. Her bangs truly ROCK. She looks gggg-gorgeous!