Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The worst day

The Cowgirl noticed me drop a few tears on the way to school today.
She asked what was making me sad and I told her they were talking about 9-11 on the radio and I was just remembering.
She looked so perplexed.
Why does that make you cry? she asked.
It was the worst day of my life, I answer.
Again, her confusion was palpable.
Did you know anyone who died?
Did you get hurt?
Did the planes get close to you?
Why was it the worst day of your life?
I swallow empty air looking for my answer. It isn't here. It burned up eleven years ago.

Still, eleven years later-
A hundred and eleven years later-
The worst day of my life.

On this sacred day I reverently remember every life given.
We will never forget.


  1. Very nice, Regina--very touching.

  2. Thank you for this post. I'll never forget.

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  5. Regina...I am so untechy! Maybe I will get it right this time! Thank you for your beautiful blog. I cry too on 9/11 every year. I was scheduled to fly to NYC the evening of 9/10 following your brother Jeff's wedding in Maryland. My usual routine would have been an early morning walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and then breakfast down near the Trade Tower Buildings. But when I got to the airport, the agent was very confused and even distraught as she apologized sincerely... somehow they had me leaving before I arrived and the computer had not caught that glitch! She said she had never seen that happen before in her 20 years with that airline...and she was so sorry...but there were no available seats for over 24 hours! For some reason, I just felt very calm inside and didn't even get upset and flew back home with Larry and went to work at Harley Davidson the next morning. But then we all saw on the TV's...the pain, the terror, the smoke and crowds running across the Brooklyn Bridge and I began to cry. So much pain and sorrow for so many lives lost. And then so much gratitude that I was allowed to stay a bit longer here on earth and see your beautiful daughters and all of their nieces and nephews growing up along with their parents in beautiful families! Love you forever...mom