Sunday, August 26, 2012

Calling all mothers

There was such a response from my last blog post about little girls growing up with today's expectations of beauty that I knew there are mamas out there who have something to add. You've emailed and facebooked me and I loved your comments. Now I want everyone to hear what you have to say. We need to join our voices together until our daughters can't help but hear us
Here is what I propose:

Send me a picture of a girl you love (writeme at reginasirois dot com)  and a sentence or two telling why you love them just the way they are. 
I love the light in your eyes when you learn something new

I love never knowing what I will find in your hair- one day paint, one day glitter, one day bird feathers. You make life an adventure.

I will compile them into a post so we can celebrate the diverse loveliness that is our daughters and learn from the diverse wisdom from many mothers.
It is a great Sunday activity to think of how our lives are blessed by our daughters.
Please share your girl's spirit with the world to help other girls who struggle with their self worth.

I love how you take care of other girls who need you

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