Friday, September 23, 2011

As promised...

The Dancer's first year of preschool, Part II:
I told you I would confess the truths behind picture day.
True to my word- here goes:

I want to show you a school picture of the Dancer.
She picked out a vintage-y fall dress and we did two inches of braided pigtails.
There were ribbons. There was cuteness.
She was all ready for her big moment to say "cheese."
First school pictures are a big deal and I want to show you.

But I can't.

Because she never got her picture taken.
(Yes, I remembered to pay for them. Seriously, some of you have no faith in me at all. You know me too well.) This time it really wasn't me.

She stood up, and just as they said the magic words "cheese", her little brain heard the command, "PEE!"

And like the obedient soul that she is, she did.

Audience, outfit, big moment, and all.

That's a keeper....

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  1. Oh goodness! I'm laughing so hard!! Poor little Dancer :( She's so CUTE! Pictures/no pictures-- she's a keeper :)