Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where have you been, Tapper?!

I totally dropped the ball and haven't written in weeks.

I am so sorry.

I am still alive. I am not facing any major crisis. (Halloween doesn't count as a crisis, does it? Because I think putting together costumes and being invited to 6 separate halloween parties might be somewhere in the crisis spectrum. What a crazy two weeks I've been living!)
The truth is that I don't want to tell you why I haven't been writing because it sounds really stupid.
But that is nothing new on this blog, is it?

All of my writing energy has been going elsewhere. A few weeks ago I picked up a manuscript for a book that I gave up on a year ago. I literally dusted it off and thought, Okay, girl. Let's do this. Good, bad or ugly. We will whip this story into shape. You are not going to abandon this project.

Somewhere between halloween parties and endless stops at stores to get one more thing for a costume or a class party or a halloween craft, I've been typing. And reading and typing. And pulling my hair and chewing up my lips and typing.
And I finally, finally, finished.
Don't ask me why I wracked up over 46,000 minutes of editing. (did you know that microsoft word keeps track of how long you spend on a document? I found it on accident when I was doing word count and I almost passed out) Don't ask me why I've written and re-written a story.

I don't really know. I wanted to see if I could do it. I wanted to present this book to the cowgirl when she turned sixteen. I kept thinking of a better way to say something and I had to try.

There is no financial pay off. There is no reclaiming those hours or days.
I did it because these three people believe I have something to say.

And when I look at those faces, and know they are proud of me for putting my shoulder to the wheel and doing my best, I am compensated.

The artist took some family pictures this month and I will post my favorites, just so you know we are really still here. Thanks for being patient with me.


  1. Okay, holy gorgeous! I want to know how you look fun, sexy, sophisticated, and just down right gorgeous all at the same time?! Can Artist come and take my family pictures? I need to look all of those things at once too ;) Good job on finishing your book! You will definitely have to give a framed copy of you carrying the suit cases to Artist to put on his desk...he does have a desk, right?! Love the pictures and congrats again!!

  2. He is seriously good. And when half my face is hidden, I am totally passable! :) Thank you so much. Can't tell you how much that cheered me up on a Sunday when the dancer is puking her little guts out. I congratulate myself again for finding the best friends in this world. And yep, he has a desk. Covered in computers. But it's there. :) Thank you!

  3. Ooh no! Not barfing again! I swear, you have had more than your fair share this year. This must mean that some major blessings are in the works and you are on a prepayment plan.

    What can I do for you? It's hard to think of anything original, but I will fall back on my old standby of bread if I don't get any specific requests....

    Oh...and you ARE gorgeous. I love those photos.

  4. Maren, I love you! So glad you got to stay with us! She woke us up at 6:30, throwing up and she hasn't been able to keep water down. High fever and lethargic. Good thing I got to go to Time Out for Women yesterday, or I wouldn't be able to stand missing church today. Take notes for me, okay? :) And as for bread, I owe you three loaves every week because you have 5 children and I only have 2 and your life is definitely harder than mine. But can I bake yours later this week- I'm a little contagious at the moment. :)

  5. I love the pictures, esp. the suitcases! Also, you are gorgeous. And major Brownie Points for finishing your manuscript. I wish I had something as nifty to point to for my blog-slacking.

  6. Great pictures - and so glad you're writing again!

  7. Your family is beautiful! I am in love with those pictures. What a talent to capture your family so perfectly.
    Hopefully the sickness stops with the dancer... ugh!
    I would offer to bring you dinner, but you are probably already taking dinner to the neighborhood all week long. ;)