Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthdays and Big Sisters

Today is a special day. Four years ago we welcomed the Dancer to our home and our family and our hearts forever. So we celebrated this weekend with her first ever "friend" party. I worried over this one. Her friends are three and four.

Think about this.

Three and four.

So that little lobe in my brain that reserves brilliant ideas for moments of dire need kicked into overdrive and I had a real thunderbolt of inspiration. We had a big sis/little sis party. All the three and four year old girls brought their big sisters along to help them, play with them and keep them from panicking.
Because there might be frosting they don't like.
Or a balloon the wrong color.
Serious stuff that only a big sister can handle.

And it worked. The princesses all arrived at ten in the morning and thanks to the big sisters the party was a complete ruffly, pink success!

We did the cake thing, of course. The Dancer picked her own cake, and we served them with ice cream cones. (umm, sorry for the shameless kitchen picture in the middle of the party fun, but seriously, doesn't this look like a pretty little girl party kitchen?)

And instead of party games that incite screaming (please take a moment to remember once more- three and four!) we did crafts while I played Disney princess songs. I have honestly never seen twelve little girls so calm or quiet. I guess Jasmine put them into a mini coma, but I was totally good with that.
We made each girl's initials out of butterflies on a painted canvas and royal pony scepters. (Sometimes you just work around whatever is on sale at Michaels and make it fit, right?)

A few minutes of playtime and a few gift bags later, it was all over.
In the end, the Dancer was very happy, my home was still intact when the last guest left and for a woman who doesn't do parties, I think I faked it okay once again.

Happy Birthday, Dancer. You are the wish I made that keeps coming true!

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