Thursday, September 22, 2011

I might have forgot to mention...

We are more than a month into the school year and I need to report on the Dancer's first foray into the world of education. So, if you are so inclined, rewind five weeks and I will start at the beginning.

The First Day of School.

The smell of sharpened pencils and and new tennis shoes in the air.
We were off to a great start.
We crimped the hair (hard to do with three inches of hair, by the by) and got the outfit.

She picked out her most important accessory- the tacky backpack. (the tackier the better, Moms)
We took the first day of school pictures on the porch.

She was literally doing the first day of school boogie dance in all of her precious excitement.

Then mommy took her to school. Mommy walked her to her classroom.
Mommy was very surprised we were the first ones there.
The teacher was surprised we were there, too.
The teacher very kindly said, "School starts tomorrow."

Wow, Tapper.
Even for you- really? Really??!

When I managed to stop laughing and the Dancer managed to stop crying, I announced it a dress rehearsal and we showed up the next day for the big performance.

(First day of school- Take Two)

Lets all take a moment and have a guess at who they were talking about in the teacher's lounge that day....
(please insert my bemused face here)
I bet they were really hopeful when they saw my name signed up for room parent. I bet that sweet teacher is sweating bullets. Please let her have the class party on the right day... please let her have the class party on the right day.... I can hear her  thoughts all the way from my desk.

And that is how we roll Tapper-style.
Tune in tomorrow to find out how we do Picture Day around here. (Or hint- try to do picture day, but don't really.)
The fun just never stops.


  1. You make me laugh only because you are so adorable Tapper!

  2. Rough start!! Glad she was so excited!!