Monday, January 24, 2011

Who is Tapper?

There once lived a girl that we will call Tapper. That is the sound that she made as she went through life. Early in the morning it was the tap of her spoon as she stirred oatmeal and huffed and puffed until it was cold enough for her little ones to eat. There was the tap of her high heels that she only donned on Sunday mornings for church and the tap of her palm against her children's hands when they played patty cake. And in the quiet, magical time known as "naptime", wherever she sat you could hear the tap of her words in the relentless click of her keyboard. Little words. Common words. Forgotten words. Clumsy words. All coming to life as she tapped, tapped them out of silence.

She loved and married The Artist and they made a home in the golden plains of Kansas. They gave birth to The Cowgirl, who is now almost eight years old and jumps horses at a smelly, dirty, wonderful stable and then to her little sister, The Dancer, who came into the world as small as as minuet, as light as a leap and as happy as an ovation.
So Tapper, (I will admit- it's me) decided to try and catch the thoughts and words that scattered as erratically as a herd of butterflies in her brain and put them somewhere. Neat. Orderly. Sensible. Or not at all. And so here they fall.

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  1. Regina,

    Welcome to the blogging world my dear!