Sunday, April 15, 2012

A not-so-tough climb

I work hard to keep life from being too busy. And it is work! I battle to pull my time out of the hands of things that whittle my day down to seconds, dates and appointments and a lot of days I lose. but I keep fighting because I treasure long afternoons with nowhere to go except where we decide to go on a whim. Whim is important. Whim never gets added to to-do lists. Whims never make it onto the calendar. If we want our children to look back on their childhoods with some whimsy, we have to fight for it and advocate bare feet and unbrushed hair and windy walks. No one else will offer it to them.
I love to see my children lounging in a tree. I dare someone to tell me that God did not touch this tree, twirl it around His finger just for bright-eyed children to find. And find it they did. We spent almost an hour watching that tree come alive. When we first looked at it we only saw it's inviting shape. Then the ants appeared and mites and moss and tendrils and tiny plants weaving over the roots. The longer we looked, the more we realized we will never see that tree for how wonderful it is. I recited the following poem to the Cowgirl and she closed her eyes as the last rays of sunshine slipped from the sky.

Every time I climb a tree 
Every time I climb a tree 
Every time I climb a tree 
I scrape a leg 
Or skin a knee 
And every time I climb a tree 
I find some ants 
Or dodge a bee 
And get the ants 
All over me

And every time I climb a tree 
Where have you been? 
They say to me 
But don't they know that I am free 
Every time I climb a tree? 
I like it best 
To spot a nest 
That has an egg 
Or maybe three

And then I skin 
The other knee 
But every time I climb a tree 
I see a lot of things to see 
Swallows, rooftops and TV 
And all the fields and farms there be. 
Every time I climb a tree 
Though climbing may be good for ants 
It isn't awfully good for pants 
But still it's pretty good for me 
Every time I climb a tree


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  2. My favorite part about doing things like this with my son is how new and wonderful it is to him. To me, rocks, trees, bugs, and the like become mundane, everyday. When I watch him discover them, I remember how beautiful ordinary things are.