Monday, April 23, 2012

Flying kites 505 (the advanced course)

Perfect kite flying weather around here lately. We snapped some pictures of the girls with a new kite and as I was looking through them I started laughing. I had no idea how many kite flying positions there are.

There is the basic stance:
The back left thrust:
The lunging brace:
The Hail Mary:
The overhead twist:
And the hut, hut, hike:
You can tell we train all year round- basic fitness drills and advanced yoga. Please do not attempt this without professional training and supervision. 

P.S.  A snake actually slithered over the cowgirl's foot in this very field while taking these pictures. He's camouflaged, but he's there.

 That is why kite flying is considered a high risk sport. There's lightning. Field snakes. Power lines. Distance running. Moles.... you get the picture. Proceed with caution.

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