Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everybody wants to be closer to free!

Friends, family, lurkers, professional peers, I have a small announcement.
Remember when I put my book out and I thought a hundred people would shrug and say, meh?
Remember how thousands and thousands of people downloaded my book and then paid for my book and I had no way to show what it meant to me other than gushing?
Well, it has been 90 days since I ordered my first proofreading copy and I am allowed to give my book away for free starting at midnight tonight.
So this is how I say thank you.
If you thought about getting it and never did- this is your chance.
If you liked it and want to share it with someone for free- this is your chance.
If you just want to be a cool person with a hook-up for free stuff- this is your chance.
I've been given an incredible gift these last nine weeks and I want to share it and spread it.
So enough gushing.
Gushing is overrated.
Have a book on me!
Download it, share it, love it, hate it, read it, review it, just don't miss it!


  1. SO, can they just download for free from amazon?

    1. That is correct! Totally free, no limits. Please let anyone know who you think will be interested. I am so grateful and I want to share!

  2. So it took me long enough, but I finally posted a review to Amazon. Consider it a happy 90 days gift! Keep writing.

    1. The perfect present! I can't think of anything better than praise from a colleague I admire. Thank you!