Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- Do It Tapper Style

How to Survive Branson Twice in One Month:

Everyone has a little hillbilly deep inside. Some deeper than others. We've been excavating for eleven years and I haven't quite found the Artist's inner hillbilly, but I believe it is there.
The Cowgirl doesn't have to search at all. Her hillbilly is easy to access.
Bugs. Horses. Overalls. Southern accents.
She's in.
When we found out that we would be doing Branson (it just doesn't get hill-billier) twice in one month, the Artist and I clasped hands, looked in each other's eyes, took a deep breath and said, "We will make it through this!"
The truth is we had a lot of fun. Having older children who enjoy the thrill of go-carts and bumper boats and like to watch me hyperventilate when they climb on roller coasters that look suspiciously like death traps keeps it lively.
As always, while other girls were giggling about boys or worrying about their hair or wondering if they looked like a princess (the Dancer has exhausted my supply of princess indulgence! She insists on riding mechanical horses side saddle!) the Cowgirl could be found digging in mud to find millipedes or braving the Missouri underbrush in search of critters.
Side Saddle:


See what I mean?

So how do we have fun with our inner-hillbilly without having him or her overwhelm us?

We DO:
get wet
(Please insert bumper boat war image here- we were too busy fighting to get evidence)
explore caves

stay up late playing (our traditional midnight doughnut run)

get a little silly


eat buffalo jerky

get an old-time photo taken

have anything engraved with our names including wooden plaques, spoons, or quilts

And that is how we roll Tapper-Style in the Ozarks.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


  1. OK, I just finished reading this book, "Cinderella Ate My Daughter"...good stuff. I don't agree with all of what she says, but she brings up great points to ponder, and having her lay it all out for me helped me shuffle it into order w/ my gospel paradigm. Read it.

    Also, I have never been to Branson. I want to go, and take my kids. Some day. Glad you had fun!

  2. You are missing out on the jerky! The alligator is the best we've tried.

    luvs, aby

  3. Oh, I'm pretty sure it gets hill-billier than Branson...have you ever been to Kentucky?