Thursday, July 14, 2011


I found out two days ago that I am speaking in church Sunday, so every time I wanted to stop and blog out all my troubles this week I had to stop and say "No, I should be working on my talk."
See, I try to be good.
And right now- I should be working on my talk. But I just have to hit a few of the highlights of the week. And by highlights I mean lowlights.
I have this vision that at any moment some big bosommed lady is going to call at my door and demand I hand in my mommy badge. And for four and half seconds I would be really relieved to see her. Then I would realize that I actually would miss my girls. Almost completely.
So first things first- this might look like the dancer just woke up.
Wrong on two accounts. She always looks at us like that.
And two- she wears her nightgown all day now.
Because I told her to wear shorts. Or a skirt with attached, hidden shorts. Because I am sick of dresses. And we are now locked in an insane battle of wills. She will not put on the clothes I want her to. I will not give her the dresses she cries for. She will outgrow that nightgown eventually. In the meantime, get used to seeing it.

Secondly, it was over a hundred degrees too many times this week. And on one fatefully hot day the girls refused to stop fighting in the car. Even though I had just bought them lunch and taken them to a movie. So when we reached our neighborhood, I pulled over, opened their door, told them to stay together, hold hands, be careful and walk home. I didn't really want them to have a heat stroke, but if they stayed in the car I might have suffered an aneurysm. Sometimes you have to make a call.

Thirdly, last night the Dancer decided to protest the Artist telling her not to use twelve pounds of toothpaste at one time by pulling down her towel holder and breaking our wall.
So, what I am really saying is, who wants to babysit two delightful children?


  1. I will trade you Regina! You take my youngest 3 and I wil take your 2!! Just teasing of course but, seriously I hope your week is better. Sending you good vibes :)

  2. Your lowlights just made me smile. I'm glad I'm not the only one with disasters around the house and moments of parental insanity. Good luck on your talk - can't wait to hear it. :-)

  3. Go back and look at your previous post - Lasts - it ain't so bad...and get rid of the nightgown! If all she has to choose from are shorts, maybe she'll pick them? But what am I kids refuse to wear jeans, they just want 'running shorts' or 'running pants', you know, the kind with elastic waists that are super cute?!

  4. I love this post! I'm sorry you had a rough week- and I hope this week is better. And I hope your talk went well! But your girls are super cute, even when wearing a nightgown all day long! And I'm glad I'm not the only mom that has rough car rides :)

  5. this was real and I so appreciated reading it.