Sunday, May 15, 2011

We had seven hours of spring

Greetings from the land of cold weather and dead computers.
Good news is that I test drove a few laptops yesterday and picked out the one I like.
Bad news is, the Artist and I aren't impulse buyers.
We will now sit back until said laptop goes on sale. Or clearance. Or craigslist.
I think if we paid retail for something it would kill us.
Bad news is I am stuck using a glorified calculator to post my blogs.
Which is why I haven't much.
I will try harder.
I promise.

Anyhoo- Spring beat a hasty retreat this week and left us shivering in the forties and fifties and wondering where in the world the glorious, warm days went.
But in all fairness, we did have a warm day. And then two sweltering, muggy hot days near 100 degrees. So when I calculate it all together I'm coming up with about seven hours of beautiful spring this year.
Which makes this year a fair average for the Midwest.

But to catch you up on my life and to escape the fact that my HEATER is turned on and my FIREPLACE is burning on May 15, I will now wax nostalgic for last week.
I will call it the hot day.
To keep the Cowgirl and Dancer happy, I did what every wise mother does- I watered our grass.
The wise part is that I lied through my pearly whites and told my children that I was turning on the sprinkler just for them.
Two bathing suits later, life was good.
A little ridiculous.
But good.

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