Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did you give up on me?

Muchos apologies!!!
My computer took its last breath on Friday and went to that big Best Buy in the sky.
I am currently using a contraption that wants to be a laptop when it grows up, but we'll make do.
I was off the grid for Mother's Day!
That means I couldn't wish all the amazing women I know all the happiness and chocolate and pampering they deserve. Belated happiness to all the women who are mothers not just to their biological children, but to all the souls around them.
We did some celebrating on Saturday. The family went garage sale-ing with me on Saturday morning and then the Artist took us to the art museum where we ate in the courtyard and played frisbee on the lawn and tried not to disturb the people who came for the... art.

We also popped over to the Country Club Plaza for a little fun. We strolled right past Armani and Tiffany's and went for the good stores.
The toy store, of course.
So I don't have a coach purse. You'll never see me pining.
I look too fabulous in prank glasses to worry about silly things like designer labels.

But let me just say that it brings me inexpressible comfort to know that I passed these glorious genes on to the next generation.
We were laughing so hard that a toy store staffer came to investigate what was going on in the usually uneventful back corner.
No fear, Store Clerk, just some breathtaking girls dealing with their beauty.
All is well.

Happy Mother's Day, friends!!!

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