Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- Do It Tapper Style

Tonight I am going to tell you how I survive a three year old fashion diva.
Just like the real fashion divas, she has no sense of what looks good.
She just wants to make a statement.
The Dancer's fashion statement is I am completely, totally, and always a princess.
So when I do something horrific like tackling her and forcing her squirmy body into pants when it is forty degrees outside- she gets traumatized.
I try to tell her that leggings are footless tights and princesses wear tights.
Well, you just look at her photo from this morning and tell
me if she is buying it.
She cried in bed until I distracted her by letting her take pictures with my camera.

I know- I'm a vision.
So how do I manipulate and outmaneuver her?
I lie a lot.
I pull it out of thin air.
Things like,
I saw Cinderella yesterday and she was wearing a red shirt
When you go to princess land you have to pack a jacket because every
princess has a purple jacket.
And I throw a lot of tantrums.
You have to wear it because I am the mommy and it is cute and you have to like it!
And I lose a lot.
I try to look like I don't know why the kid in the crazy outfit is following me around Target.

And every great now and then, the kid throws me a bone and lets me have my way.
So that is how I survive a lack of style Tapper-Style.

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  1. I wonder when Ava will start to care what I put her in?