Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Thank You Notes

This one goes out to you, Jungle Jane.
Because- sorry, this will sound weird- you kind of think I am great.
At least, greater than I really am.
But in life we all need someone who thinks we are great(ish).
Even if they see our faults and totally understand the extent of our flaws.
When I set out with the grand goal to write a novel (a coherent novel, may I add) I wrote most of it for you.
Because I knew you would care.
I knew you would think I was brilliant (even though in reality, I am just a tad shy of brilliant).
And if nothing else, I wanted to finish it for you.
You invested so much time into caring about what I wrote that I couldn't just leave my characters eternally unresolved.
So the mediocre, but completed, novel sitting on my shelf is 99% due to you.
I wrote to the Cowgirl, but I wrote it for you.
It's hard to explain.
Your mental encouragement rippling across the Midwest all the way from Iowa to Kansas kept finding me and pushing my fingers on.
And the book doesn't mean anything. It is a stack of paper.
But your belief in me means everything.
Thanks for helping me to meet a massive goal. It wouldn't have happened without your love.

just so you know-
I think you're great, too.

Your loving sis,

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