Tuesday, July 2, 2013

That's great, Mom, but...

Today started in the most surreal way.
I got an email from a friend in Seattle (what were you doing awake at 5am, anyway? I forgot to ask...) saying, "I saw you on Amazon."
Which meant I wasn't dreaming last night when I got an email from Amazon saying they were going to feature me on their front page.
I slept all night thinking, "Silly Regina, you have such an imagination..."
But this morning, I woke up and those strange dreams happened.
Luckily those were my only strange dreams that happened, because I also dreamed about flashes of light blowing semi trucks off the road right in front of a horse farm, but I digress...
Anyhoo, I opened Amazon.com and saw:

I know. I was befuddled and baffled, too.
My daughter, the Cowgirl, walked in and saw me staring at the screen. She saw my picture up there and I said,

"This is the front page of Amazon. Like, all of Amazon."

She gave a little grin and a funny little noise and then said,

"OOOh, I want a Kindle Fire!"

Which made my husband and I laugh and we both said simultaneously, "There's the blog post!"
I am so grateful there is no unexpected success that can impress them, because there is also no failure that will ever disappoint them. I am forever and ever "Mom."
I will never want a better, more beautiful title than that. And you can put that on the front page of any site!

p.s. They feature two authors at a time, so every other click on Amazon today will show me. If you go and see a tattooed man, I promise I don't lead a double life. Just hit refresh once or twice


  1. So awesome!! Congratulations!!

  2. I showed it to my kids and one said: "That's the author!" The other said: "Her book was too intelligent?" It's really too bad they don't remember you from church! I think it's super exciting that you're sharing the Amazon homepage! Awesome! Congratulations!

  3. That's fantastic news! I live cowgirl's response. Too funny.

  4. Is it OK to say I went looking for the 'tattooed man' after reading your story?

    1. Not only OK- I think it's mandatory. ;)

  5. Congrats! I saw you and the Kindle Fire today. hahaha
    I hope to see you in Utah this month!

    1. Taffy, will you be there? I would love to see you! Hide your Kindle Fire. My daughter will covet it big-time.