Monday, July 8, 2013

13 is their lucky number

The Artist and I celebrated our 13th anniversary this week.
Don't worry- I won't mush or gush on you.
He nudged my shoulder and said, "I still kinda like you."
I nudged him back and said, "I still kinda like you, too."
Then we high fived went for a bike ride.
We felt that the beginning of our family deserved a celebration so we got a present for our entire family.
Okay, half our family.
But they are the loud half and they screamed loud enough for all four of us.

I know- it's a monstrosity. But it's a really fun monstrosity. We led them outside and they dove straight in.

So, what was Tapper doing while the girls enjoyed her anniversary?
I was enjoying it, too, from ten feet away- thinking about that boy I still kind of like...
and wondering about all the years ahead of us.
Right now the best future I can imagine is having decades more time to nudge his shoulder, and enjoy quiet views like this

Happy Anniversary to my entire family. The Artist and I might have started it, but we're all in it together now.
Which means we can all do the laundry and dishes together, right?

Or not.


  1. Gorgeous hammock picture! All I can think about with your monstrous swimming thing is...dead grass! Better your lawn than mine :) Happy anniversary! 13 years, seems like yesterday :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment and you are so right about the grass! Luckily the entire thing deflates in less than a minute and we store it in the garage. So far no grass casualties because we only set it up for a few hours at a time.

  2. Happy anniversary! LOVE the bouncy water house.