Thursday, January 24, 2013

My child puked on a dead sheep..

I'm not being funny. Or symbolic. Or metaphysical.
But how I wish I was.
The Dancer got sick yesterday and spiked a high fever. At bedtime she was still lounging on the couch listless when she realized she had to throw up.
There was a nice big bowl waiting for her. But when you're sick you're a little off- including your aim.All the yuck landed on our beautiful,  snowy white sheepskin rug.

As if it isn't insulting enough to have people trounce around all over your hide after you're dead, now the poor dead sheep has be puked on, as well.
I think I heard it give an indignant bleet from sheep heaven. (I hear the grass is lovely there)

So how does one clean a sheepskin rug?
Yeah, great question. You mostly don't.
I had to borrow a friend's very nice washing machine and do the best I could.
The rug came out clean, but matted and sad looking. (Imagine a sheep in a rain storm)

So yesterday I had to plunk down money for a steel dog brush (anyone need a dog brush?) and spent hours carding wool.
Can't remember the last time I felt so domestic.
Or stupid.

The rug, however, is delightfully fluffy and and I got to say that my child puked on a dead sheep which just doesn't happen every day.
Sometimes you take what you can get...


  1. Darn, I was hoping she was in a barn or something and puked on a fresh dead sheep. But yours is a pretty good story ;)

    1. Rebecca, I snorted in public when I read your comment on my phone. :)

  2. thanks for the good laugh today friend! oh how I needed it!!!

  3. Just hope the brush doesn't lead to a puppy. I'd lose that thing fast. Of course, as soon as you get rid of it, something else will fall on this pitiable once-a-sheep. Maybe it's better not to buy the thing twice?

    1. Just continuing Jaima's line of thought - you could do some sort of inter-household loan of the brush to other friendly families with sheepskin rugs....right?

      That way if it happens again, you'd know where to find it!