Friday, January 11, 2013

How did we all get Radium kids?

My children aren't phosphorescent.
If I turn out the light they don't glow like the dials of a watch.
They aren't radioactive.
Active- yes!
Radioactive- no.
So please explain why it is when you fill up a room with the most incredible, wonderful children- hundreds and hundreds of them- my child is the one who is

Light-up-my-life, mushy-musical-montage, bad-eighties-special-effects kind of glow.
I think they are the most brilliant, blinding little things I've ever seen.
And I get it- when you look at them they have a crooked tooth and messy hair and they look pretty much like the fifty kids on their left and the fifty kids on their right.

Unless they are standing next to your kid.

And then they kind of light up because they are standing next to a kid who

I totally get it.
The cowgirl dead center in her school musical

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