Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bird Brain

Our elementary school is fiercely loyal to a certain tradition.
A few times a year we have crazy hair day.
There is a general fight to figure out how to make our children's hair crazier than the child next to them.
I've seen it all- paint, glitter, Mohawks, oddly-placed ponytails and braids, beehives a foot tall- you name it.
I even saw a girl come to school with a fake rat in her hair last year.
So that got me thinking of rat nests and bird nests.
Friday I got to try out my idea of a bird nest hair do.
 This one sort of backfired on me because my girls felt so magical and special with flowers and beautiful birds in their hair that they wanted me to do that on a regular basis.
You know, so they could be the weird bird brain girls.
Can't you hear the conversation at some future reunion?
Remember that girl who always wore fake birds on her head...
I told them it's only special if we do it once. That's holding them over for now.
Now I need to convince them that there are better things in life than having a bird on your head.

Give me a second.
Yep- that might go on my list of weirdest things I ever said.


  1. But Mom, their hair looks so pretty that way!

  2. Totally copied you today! Capri had crazy hair day and we did a "bird's nest". She wasn't too sure about the idea till I convinced her that Audree and Juliette did it too. Great idea, thanks!

    luvs, aby

  3. With their middle bird names... isn't it totally acceptable for them to wear birds on their head anytime they want to? (Or at least when they are with their Mar Mar?) Love