Sunday, June 3, 2012

So good to be normal!

What a deliciously normal weekend! After the constant craziness of the last two weeks, our family looked at each other this weekend and said, "what should we do?"
What indeed?

Let's stop climbing the corporate ladder and just climb this instead.
(can you see my monkey up there- You have to look at the very top)

Let's stop trying to stay afloat and just skip rocks.

Let's stop bustling down the highway of life and find a new path.

Maybe we should look for some new tracks to follow.

Get dirty. Put your feet in. Be quiet. Be alone.

Be together. Be happy.

A normal weekend with nothing to do..? Normal is wonderful.


  1. Looks like a perfect weekend to me. But so excited for all the craziness you've been experiencing. I hope the crazy continues on June 16. (Cute family, by the way.)

  2. Beautiful family in beautiful surroundings. What great climbing trees!