Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I don't just write...

I love to write. Most of the time. But that is not all I love.
I cook (kind of) and play (a little) and clean (almost enough). I read and love and bike and swim and dream and draw (stick figures).
I am a writer, but I am not just a writer.
If my hands fall off and I can never write again I will be very sad. About the hands and the writing. But I have hundreds of other things that make me happy.
Making my daughters' home inviting and creative is one of those things.
You can see more of my home and learn more about my philosophies for blending work/home/family at the amazing and informative DesignMom website. 


  1. LOVED that posting and your home is beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Karey! I'm so glad that my world has extended this year and allowed me to interact with great new people like you!

  2. Hello Tapper, I found you on design mom and downloaded a sample of your book from Amazon. The first three chapters are riveting. I am so curious how she is going to get to Maine. I will buy the rest for sure. You have a new fan, that's me if I didn't make myself clear.

  3. BusyB, I am honored! Welcome to my little corner of the world. I hope you feel loved here! Thank you for your kind words. You gave me a little extra sunshine today.

  4. I read it, and I loved it, and I love you too much to be jealous over your fabulous digs. Also, I agree with your stuff and clutter philosophy; you just articulated it better than I do. ;)