Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paint me a Picture

I deal in words.
That's my hobby, my interest, my business.
But I love art in all its forms.
I love paintings and drawings (maybe because my talent ends at stick figures and one kind of flower that I am kind of good at. But honestly- only one)
Since a picture can say a thousand words, and because I've been up to my neck researching art for my next novel... (you can tell when I'm starting a book- my blog suffers. You can tell when I've got writer's block on my book- my blog thrives!)
These are about 1/3 of the books I'm using right now!

...my girls have had a renewed interest in all things art. For our family activity this week I raided Hobby Lobby and bought real brushes (fan, angled, straight...you name it) and grown up watercolors from a tube (the girls were ecstatic) and we all watched Bob Ross make happy little trees. 
And then we sat down as a family and tried it out- different brushes, different techniques, different strokes. (I just said Different Strokes and you just started singing the song, didn't you?)

After an hour of hard work we had a handful of fun memories, a few tears when our "happy little trees" didn't look as "happy" as Bob Ross's, and a couple pictures.

Pictures don't really need to say a thousand words. This one only says twelve:

I am little. and I got to paint. Therefore I am happy.


  1. Those are great paintings!! And what a fun family activity.

  2. Haha! What a coincidence. We are doing a Bob Ross "paint-off" for Arwen's birthday party next week!

  3. I love your table and chairs. Good luck on the next book!

    1. thank you, Rebecca! I will take all the luck you want to send! :)