Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Playing dress-up, Tapper Style

The Dancer found her Halloween costume at the back of the closet (where I keep them to avoid Halloween fervor in July) and wanted, no scratch that- needed- to play dress up.
Since I've been so busy with writing deadlines I try to make up for it with added enthusiasm.
She experienced transports of delirious joy when I asked if she wanted to get out her make-up kit and make it official.
So this is how we play dress-up Tapper-style:

1. get out the Halloween costume you've been saving all year so you can break off a piece and stain it before Halloween ever arrives.

2. Pick the most impossibly garish eye shadow colors and slather them generously

3. text the following picture to your little sis who will then text back and ask:

Why do you have a full-fledged Cleopatra outfit?
I replied and told her I can't believe she doesn't. What does she wear on dress-like-a-historical-figure family night?
Desdemona is overdone and Boudicca is just tacky...



  1. We wear Halloween costumes year round around here. In fact, Jacob still wears his Buzz Lightyear costume that will be 3 years old this fall...yeah, it's a little short and tight ;)

  2. I love this photo! You are hard-core, bringing out the make-up for everyday dress-up. My little Diva has been deprived--I don't think I've ever done that! Alas, I may have missed the opportunity. It has been a long time since she has cracked open the dress-up trunk. I'm afraid it's not long before she's going to be wanting real make-up!
    I've been thinking about you. Hope the editing process is going well.