Friday, May 18, 2012

Up on the Roof

My children did not inherit my fear of heights. They may, however, be genetic half-monkey mutants. They tend to want to live in the canopy and not on the jungle floor. They judge an object's value by how high it lets you climb.
To them the main function of a swing set is give you a better view.

The main function of shelves in papa's office is to give you a comfortable place to lounge.

And my brilliant husband has found another way to indulge them. He took the screen off our second story window so they can now climb outside every evening and be in their natural habitat.

Can you hear my trailing voice, "don't fall and die....oh, forget it..."? It is officially a lost cause.
Now the hard part is getting them to come back inside.

We are one step away from flying monkeys. When I can train them to do my bidding I will be a force to reckoned with.


  1. Your children are too brave and cute! :) To make sure your roof’s in good condition, the gutter should be free from leaves and debris. At least once a year, check if there are loose or missing shingles. Adding roofing tar should prevent the shingles from detaching. Also, it is ideal to check and adjust a shingle’s position after a storm to prevent further damage.

    Penelope Dingee

  2. I won't be surprised if your kids opt to explore extreme sports when they get older. Hehehe. Their love for heights is both adorable and quite alarming at the same time. It was so nice of your hubby to spend some quality time with your daughters... up high on the roof. :o)

    -Chantay Smithingell

  3. Nice! It looks like your daughters really enjoyed staying on your roof! Haha! And I think we have the same problem. Once my kids started hanging out there, it was hard for me to get them back inside. It’s okay though, because their dad also likes spending his time there. I dunno why, but at least my husband was there to watch them.

    Willene Fagen

  4. I understand their playful instincts, and climbing everywhere could also mean that they are beginning to explore things, which is a sign of mind and body development. Just be mindful of toughening that roofing area of yours for their safety. Regular maintenance is the most effective way to attain such. Don’t mind the cost; you may take that as one of the ways of protecting them when they are at home. =)

    Kip Whitehead

  5. It’s really cute that your babies have gotten really brave at a very young age. Well, they seem to be fearless and want to experience so much in life, that’s why they seem to be fearless in most ways. Anyway, although your children are that courageous when it comes to climbing roofs, I still hope they do keep themselves protected. At least, have them wear kneepads or helmets just to make sure that all the fun may not lead to any injury.

    Laurelle  Baughman

  6. I think your daughters just love being in high places, because they just don’t go up on your roof. I can see that your daughter looks happy being on top of the rack as well. Haha! I wonder when my eight-year old daughter can climb up on our roof. She’s really afraid so she doesn’t join her siblings every time they go up on the roof. Maybe I can go up with her some time? What do you think?

    Lenore Lung