Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear Subjects,

Dearest subjects,
It was a significant day for your fearless leader. I had a learning excursion. That is like a field trip, only more dignified and important.
It started with a ride on a extra-tall yellow limousine that was staffed with footmen and servants. 
Then we trekked through the exotic forest of Kansas in search of flora and fauna. (please pardon the plebeian clothes. My royal entourage and I were trying to blend in with the commoners)
We posed at the top of Mount Miller:
Performed an impromptu charade on a woodland stage:
And touched wild creatures:
The weather was fair, our journey fraught with peril, but successful, and all are now safely gathered home.

The Dancer

Post Script: Due to the nature of our exhaustive adventure, I officially decree a royal rest for my entire kingdom.


  1. That was awesome! Thank you for sharing, and what precious pictures you have.

  2. Even in your blog musings you write so cute and interesting! I love reading your posts!
    Looks like the royal entourage had a wonderful day in the Kingdom!