Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's about discovery

Tapper in her "laboratory"

It's just one loooong adventure, isn't it?
With millions of discoveries. I'm a regular Marie Curie over here making breakthrough after breakthrough (sans the radiation).

Because the quest is fraught with peril (and snot, and crayons on the refrigerator and lots of tummy-aches) I will not keep any of my discoveries to myself, but share them happily.

A few of the thousands of things I was learning while I neglected this blog:

1. Calling it "tippy toe" tag doesn't make it any quieter or calmer. I had to declare the linen closet an emergency base while I caught my breath. And the artist had to check on what was shaking the house down two stories above him. I seriously thought if we stayed on our tippy toes it would be more manageable. On the upside, awesome work out for my calves.

2. It doesn't matter if they can taste the spinach or not- it's the existence of spinach that is the problem.

3. Fruity pebbles (or any flavor pebbles, for that matter) will harden to the consistency of concrete by lunch time if you don't rinse out the bowl. Upside, I know how to build a load- bearing wall out of cereal if I'm ever in a pinch.

And this one is off the record, but it doesn't matter if your four year old has a head that smells like heaven dust and angel wings (Do you inhale your kids' heads, too?); her smelly feet are just shy of requiring hazmat to remove her shoes. Our little princess can clear a room at the first sound of velcro unfastening.

So mothers, if you uncover any fascinating facts, make sure you share. Remember, we're all in this together!


  1. Gorgeous woman and gorgeous shelves.

    Loved your lesson on Sunday!

  2. I am well experienced in the perils of pebbles (or rice crispy cereal). They are a favorite over here and there is usually a bowl hardening in the sink every day.

    luvs, aby

  3. My kids love spinach...we transitioned about 2 years ago, so that's pretty much what Jacob knows as salad. We call it 'leaves' and he thinks it's neat to eat leaves like a dinosaur. Anyway, thanks for warning me about the pebbles... :)