Saturday, February 2, 2013

Magic at the dinner table

No recipe here.
I'm not talking about the food.
I just happened to take a bite of my Polynesian barbecue chicken and rice yesterday and looked up and I realized: This isn't normal.

Most parents don't ask how school was and have their children say,
"Real school or Hogwarts?"

And I wanted to say thank-you to J.K. Rowling. Thank you for showing the world that books change everything; even how we dress for dinner in a corner of Kansas on a random day in February.

You made our lives a little more magical.
And a lot more fun.


  1. I'm more jealous of your card catalog cabinet than you could ever ever know.

    Loved seeing you all today. Sorry if I was weird or flaky. I feel like I was both.

    luvs, aby

  2. I meant to put 2 evers in that last comment. But it doesn't seem like it.

    It seems like my weird flakiness is showing through.

    luvs, aby

    1. Should have been two nevers. Never weird. Never flaky. We loved getting to see you. Thank you so much for giving the girls a wonderful day!
      Love you!

  3. I love this! I'm sure it's not news, but your girls are too wonderful. Do they take on characters, or invent their own? I think my two eldest would choose to be Fred and George.